Why We Are Different

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Why everyone is talking about Falls Academy...

Our program comes with many perks to make your choice in a childcare an easy one. We offer: 


  • Breakfast, hot lunch, and afternoon snack

  • Large classrooms and outdoor activity areas

  • Degreed teachers in early childhood education

  • Low child-to-teacher ratios

  • Weekly extracurricular programs

  • Competitive Rates

At Falls Academy, we are a family owned business that prides itself on family values. We understand that your child’s education, happiness, and safety are of the utmost importance. For this reason, we aim to provide only the best childcare.      


It is our mission to provide an engaging and nurturing environment aimed at developing the whole child – cognitively, emotionally, socially, and physically - by developmentally appropriate learning opportunities.     


At Falls Academy, we believe that when children are placed in an environment where they feel safe to explore, they will take “risks” in challenging themselves and learning in ways they may not have otherwise considered. It is our philosophy that children, when given expectations, will exceed them when given the proper tools to learn. We pride ourselves in providing that safe zone to help children develop the confidence to explore, make mistakes and learn.   


Our curriculum provides a balance of child-directed and teacher-directed activities. We want children to develop a love for learning. We use the Creative Curriculum’s Foundation for Early Childhood Education. In doing so, we will be covering a variety of themes and topics to encourage active and creative minds. Included in our curriculum will be music, art, sign language, Spanish, and physical fitness lessons.     


At Falls Academy, we aim to help children achieve a variety of outcomes that will provide a foundation for Kindergarten readiness. They are as follows:


Social: Children will feel comfortable in school, make friends and feel that they are a part of a group.

Emotional: Children will develop a developmentally appropriate level of independence, self-control, and have a positive outlook on life.

Cognitive: Children will become self-assured learners, developing a sense of confidence to engage in problem-solving and use new words to describe their ideas, feelings and observations.

Physical: Children will develop large and small muscle skills, developing a sense of confidence about their physical abilities.


The fundamentals of our mission start in our infant classroom by creating the basis for your child’s development and preparing them for lifelong learning. As your child develops, they transition into our toddler classrooms where discovery through play develops critical language skills they will need as the grow into a walking, talking sponge, ripe to begin letters, numbers, colors, shapes, and spelling their own name as a 2 year old. Our 3 year old classroom is all out language, literacy, and the introduction of core skills they will need to begin kindergarten. Our preschool program​ sets the foundation for their success in kindergarten with the introduction of counting, reading, and active listening. Our teachers strive for professional growth by continually educate themselves through continuing education and training on different aspects of child development. They do this to ensure that your child receives the best care and education possible.

It is so important to us that you, the parents of our children, to feel comfortable and confident with leaving your child in our care.

Falls Academy is proud to be a member of the following organizations:

  • NCLCCA – NC Licensed Child Care Association

  • NCCA – National Child Care Association

  • NAEYC – National Association for the Education of Young Children

  • NCaeyc and WakeAEYC – North Carolina Association for the Education of Young Children and Wake Association for the Education of Young Children

  • NCECA – NC Early Childhood Association

  • NCCCC – NC Child Care Coalition