18 - 24 Months

Building relationships must be at the core of any toddler program.​


Toddlers are learning to relate to others, what it means to express their feelings, and that they are loved. We offer a fun and safe environment which is conducive to the one year olds desire to discover, explore and test each new toy. They are mobile, curious, and active learners making new discoveries in the world around them.

Meet Ms. Ariel

Hello! My name is Ariel Burt and I have a 5 year old daughter who I love spending time with. I have been working with children for over 17 years. I enjoy every aspect of teaching and have realized in my many years that children teach us as much as we teach them. 


I am dedicated to the social and emotional development of each child and my goal is to ensure that each child receives the best care and love that they deserve.

Daily Schedule